What is digital foiling/Foil sleeking?

January 21, 2023

Foil sleeking, also known as digital foiling or toner foiling, is a process of adding metallic or holographic foil to printed materials using a Xerox digital press or similar. The process involves printing the design onto the material using a digital printer, then using a heat application digital foil. The foil sleeking sheet has a heat-sensitive adhesive on one side and the foil on the other. The printed material is then passed through a heated laminator, which activates the adhesive and applies the foil to the designated areas.

The Toner foiling is different than traditional foiling because it doesn't require a die or a press, it can be done on a digital press, allowing for more flexibility and personalization on the design. The process also requires less setup time and it is more cost-effective as it eliminates the need for dies and physical plates. It's a popular technique for creating high-end and luxury printed materials like business cards, invitations, and packaging.

We use this process for our coloured edge foiled business cards by first laminating and then overprinting the laminated sheet with text/logos in black toner to act as the glue for the toner to adhere to when passed through our laminator.

We can offer digital foiling to our wedding stationery printing service and other bespoke products. Contact us for further information.

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