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What is Business Card Edge Painting?

April 23, 2020

Edge painting is a technique used to add a full seam of colour to the edge of business cards giving it a full coloured edge. It was started off by hobbyists using a foam brush and a pair of DIY clamps. However, this method of business card edge painting has very inconsistent results and often causes paint bleed around the edges of the business cards.

That being said, some of the hobbyist efforts and posted pictures made a big enough impression to inspire us into researching and developing a technique that would allow us to edge paint business cards precisely, reliably and to a high commercial standard.

In the last few years we have mastered the art of edge coating business cards and have had our own process developed which involves an industrial force clamping system along with a machined painting technique. We've become so good at it that we're now even offering gradient edges!

We have a choice of 100 acrylic edge painting colours to choose from.

Our coloured edge coating service has become such a success that we are now looking to add it as an option to spot UV flyers, invitations and other printed materials.

100 acrylic colours

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